Solar collector series

Baoguang has first-class technical equipment and automatic production line in domestic and international. For 40 years, the company has committed to the production of glass vacuum devices, glass and metal sealing products. The company began to produce high temperature solar vacuum receiversand engaged in a variety of solar thermal utilization engineering, solar thermal power generation project since 2010. The company collaborated with many famous enterprises all over the world to complete the total amount of 20000KW thermal engineering projects. Wehaverich experience in production. The quality of the product is extraordinary and reliable, and the performance is excellent. The company mainly produces two categories of products, glass-metal sealing components and medium (high) temperature solar collectors with more than 40 categories, which have been awarded the certification of DLR and PSA.It is widely used in the field of high temperature solar thermal utilization, including solar thermal power generation, centralized heating, industrial heating, central air conditioning, oil exploitation, desalination, tobacco baking, subsidiary agricultural products drying and many other aspects. Our advantages: 1. Weadopt the most advanced manufacturing technology and equipment in the world to produce solarcollector with high conversion efficiency.2. With rich experience in glass-metal sealing process under 40 years’inheritance of technology.3. The solar collector is with long life, high safety, no explosion and no freezing to ensure that our users can use it for more than 20 years without worries.4. Master core technologies and own a batch of independent intellectual property rights in the key fields of photothermal engineering and some frontiers of scientific and technological development.5. We have a wide range of applications in middle-high temperature solar thermal engineering, and the central centralized controller is used to automatically judge the weather conditions and realize automatic energy management.6. "Zero" operating cost of the system.7. We own automatic disaster resistance technology, which can resist 12 level typhoon, blizzard, hail, sand and etc.8. "Zero" carbon dioxideemissions.

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